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School Dinners

The school meals at Mora are cooked on site everyday.

Children can have a school meal or bring a packed lunch to school.


Primary school children in state-funded schools in London will get free school meals for the 2023/24 school year.However, if you wish your child to have a packed lunch then parents can provide this. Please ensure that packed lunch does not contain nuts.


If you wish your child to change from school meals to packed lunch or visa versa you must give notice to the Main School Office.


Even though your child is entitled to free school meals for the current academic year  (from Reception to year 6) please click here to check if your child is eligible for free school meals  (FSM). The school will get extra government funding for every child registered as eligible for a free school meal (FSM), so we can do even more exciting things. This funding is to support learning and is called the ‘pupil premium’.



Please see the latest menu below:




Mora Spring Summer Menu 2024