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23rd February 2024

This week has been all about teeth....


We have been talking about how and why we need to look after our teeth, gums and tongue. We discussed which foods and drinks are good / bad for our teeth and why. We decided it's ok to have a sugary treat once in a while BUT we must brush our teeth afterwards! 


We are becoming super at brushing our teeth and making them sparkling clean!


In phonics we have been focusing on initial sounds and sorting objects that begin with the same sound. We even had a go at writing 's' and 'a'. We have special mnemonics to help us with our letter formation:


s - "down the spaghetti, slip, slop, slurp"

a - "around the ants head and down its body" 


I wonder if you can find some objects beginning with 's' or 'a' around your house this weekend?