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Anti-Bullying Week

The Anti-Bullying week theme for 2020 was United Against Bullying. All children have spent time talking about diversity and celebrating our differences.


Year 1 and 2 talked about colours in the rainbow and how those next to each other are friends. We used the "friend colours" to make pictures filled with different shapes.

Year 3 learnt about complimentary colours, how these colours are different but work well together. We drew shapes and self portraits in these colour combinations. 

Year 4, 5 and 6 created self portraits of how they see themselves. They were told to be as creative and imaginative as possible and to celebrate what makes them, them!


Below is a list of the best comments from the children:

"Bullying is when you are hurting someone." Omar - Galaxy

"Bullying is not nice." Mohamed - Galaxy 

"If someone is hurt you can help them and be their friend." Lejain - Neptune 

"Bullying is when you are rude to someone else." - Adam - Mercury

"Bullying is when you use bad words and hurt someone's feelings." Reza - Earth

"Bullying makes you angry." Hanan - Earth

"You can call other people for help." Zainap - Saturn

"You can say stop." Nasteho - Saturn

"Bullies reflect something that is happening to them onto somebody else." Leshawn - Titan

"Bullying is when someone hurts you or makes fun of you more than once." Amina - Titan

"Just be yourself." Hafez - Comet 

"Bullying is making someone feel bad." Ahmed - Comet

"Bullies are weak, not you!" Imadul - Venus 

"Don't judge a book by it's cover." - Ismail - Venus