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Black History Month Competition Prize Trip

This October, at Mora Primary School and across the UK, we celebrated Black History Month and the important contributions black people have made and continue to make to our society.

More than 70 children took part in a competition whose theme was 'Black and British'. Children did their research and created amazing posters on various Black Britons and how they influenced the world. A winner was chosen from each class and the grand prize was a trip to the Museum of London Docklands. On Wednesday 1st December, 13 children set off on a long and exciting journey to Canary Wharf. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw all those  shiny skyscrapers. When we visited the museum, we learned all about the sugar trade, the abolition of slavery and the expansion of the London docks. We also had the opportunity to visit the winding streets of Sailortown  - a replica of what the area close to the docks looked like during the 1840s. We had such a great time! What an unforgettable day!